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All applicants, please see a fleet member for recruitment information.
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13th Heavy Cavalry Regiment
'Wolf Pack' 
Who keeps company with wolves will learn to howl

 The United Federation of Planets is at war on more than one front. The Klingons have declared war, the Borg have returned. The Romulans are trying to rebuild their empire. The True Way Alliance is stirring up trouble. The Terran Empire is foraying into our reality to expand their hold. The Undine are infiltrating everywhere, increasing tensions even further.

Starfleet is feeling the strain. They are turning to the time honored tradition to augment their forces: Mercenaries.

The 13th Heavy Cavalry Regiment, aka 'Wolf Pack' is a mercenary regiment commanded by Admiral T'Preux. It's mission is the mission that heavy cavalry has always had: shock troops. We engage the enemy suddenly, violently, and decisively.

Starfleet can clean up the mess later.

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